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Why Great Hygiene Can Help You Grow Your Seasonal Business

12 Aug 2019

This feature wil help you understand how high hygiene standards can benefit your bottom line. If your business relies on the summer months to survive, you will know only too well that you have got to make as much as you can during the warmer weather. Based in a seaside resort or other location that is popular with tourists? Yes? Then you have probably got a lot of competition.

British holidaymakers' tastes have changed in recent years. And so have their expectations. Even a one star rating difference between eateries can make a huge difference. If you have ever wondered why the business next door is packed and your food premises isn't, take a look around.

A top hygiene rating is an incentive to customers

CleanClad, the hygienic surface specialists, knows what consumers want. "They want to see a five star food hygiene and safety rating on your door - and that's just for starters," said a spokesman. "If there are plenty of places to choose from, visitors will go with the one that is recognised for having high standards, looks spotlessly clean and offers good value.

"We urge food businesses that rely on tourism to aim for the very highest hygiene standards. This starts in the kitchen. As well as adhering to regulations regarding food storage and labelling, we advice business owners to invest in easy to clean surfaces. CleanClad isn't just easy to clean, it looks good. That means it can be used anywhere - from the kitchen to serving counter and even in dining areas."

In seasonal businesses, the summer months can be hectic - making it especially important to have a cleaning process that can be carried out in the minimum amount of time. CleanClad helps by saving businesses time while ensuring surfaces are hygienic.

Has your decor had its chips?

As well as hygienic wall cladding, CleanClad is available in ceiling cladding for total hygiene. Don't want your food business to be left behind in a holiday town? Whether you own a holiday park, takeaway or restaurant, see what CleanClad can do for your business.

Check out the available finishes and order online. This plastic wall cladding is moisture resistant and has a Class 1 fire rating for your peace of mind. CleanClad will deliver it to your door. Simply bond to existing prepared surfaces for long lasting hygiene and great interior design.