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White Hygienic Wall Cladding | The Benefits

14 Dec 2018

If you are planning to invest in hygienic wall cladding, you have lots of finish options to choose from at CleanClad. However, white hygienic wall cladding has interior design benefits. If you are wondering what they are, this blog post explains. While white may sound bland, it can actually aid the aesthetics of some environments.

It is true that white shows up dirt and grime more readily than some colours, making cleaning easier. However, it is worth bearing in mind that that the most dangerous pathogens are nearly always invisible to the naked eye. CleanClad helps you thoroughly clean surfaces that need to be totally hygienic with a smooth surface that bacteria cannot cling to. So, what’s so special about white?

White hygienic wall cladding and interior design

Any neutral colour is a good idea if your interior design relies on coloured appliances, furniture or fabrics to make a statement. White works well in almost any hygienic setting. In public facing areas, it promotes confidence in your hygiene standards. More and more homeowners are veering towards white colour themes in kitchens, bathrooms and even bedrooms.

For businesses and public bodies, choose white hygienic wall cladding if you want to highlight a sensitive area in a zoned space. Consider it for manufacturing and industrial settings. You may also prefer white if you run a laboratory or health service.

White interiors are in vogue

White is a trending colour. All-white interiors are currently in vogue. They ooze sophistication with a crisp, bleached-out look. If you want to improve hygiene standards and create a classic look that will never go out of fashion, go for white.

CleanClad is the UK’s market-leading brand of hygienic wall and ceiling cladding. Its comprehensive white range is suitable for all sensitive spaces. Also in stock now is hygienic wall cladding in pastel and high-gloss colours. White hygienic wall cladding is available in a range of sheet sizes and thicknesses to suit any project.

Start your new hygiene regime now. View and order the highest quality white hygienic wall cladding online here now. For a nationwide installation service, click here.