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What’s New In Food Hygiene This Summer?

17 Jun 2019

Food hygiene has never been so important. As another two deaths from listeria are confirmed in England, businesses are being urged to check all their processes and to make improvements where necessary. Which bring us to what’s new in food hygiene this summer…


The latest interior design solutions have hygiene built-in. Developed specifically for high risk environments, like commercial kitchens and dining areas, they ooze contemporary style in fashionable finishes. The most popular solutions use PVC. That is because it aids the cleaning process by ensuring potential hazards can easily and completely be wiped away.


The top food hygiene solutions for 2019


The best-selling hygiene solutions for 2019 incorporate bold colours and a gloss finish. This is great news if you run an up-and-coming food business and want to build a brand profile. You can choose a colour scheme that supports your branding and build brand identity into customer engagement and health and safety.


Sound good? It gets better, because you can buy this top-selling food hygiene solution online. The UK’s biggest brand is CleanClad. That’s us, by the way. We supply a wide range of businesses and can even install hygienic wall cladding if you are too busy to do it yourself. Our solution is actually easy to install yourself, effortless to keep hygienically clean and cost-effective.


Top finishes:


  • High gloss red
  • Pastel green
  • High gloss black
  • High gloss orange
  • High gloss fuchsia


CleanClad is also stocked in grey, pastel blue and white, to name a few finishes. It is available in a range of sheet sizes and thicknesses, so you get the wall cover you need and great food hygiene standards.


Hygiene support where you need it


We don’t just sell hygienic wall cladding. We offer completely free technical advice. If you are worried about your hygiene rating or overall standards of cleanliness, take a look at how we can help you. We are trusted by some of the country’s leading fast food brands and our products are so durable and easy to maintain they are used in hospitals and schools. Visit CleanClad to learn more and browse the entire range.