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What To Look For In A Hygienic Surface

16 Aug 2019

If you are looking for a hygienic surface system that aids the cleaning process, you need to think beyond the obvious. Technology and innovative manufacturing techniques now mean businesses and public bodies have more choice. Modern alternatives to traditional surfaces can be more cost-effective and much easier to maintain.


To understand what has changed, we spoke to CleanClad - the leading brand of plastic wall cladding sheet. We asked: What products have the food, health, research and education sectors used in the past? “For many years, tiles were the gold standard,” said a spokesman. “Stainless steel followed quickly behind and, since then, there have been a range of solutions - everything from paint-type wall coatings to plastics.”


Which hygienic surface is right for me?


CleanClad says businesses serious about hygienic surfaces and efficiency should consider the following:


  • Is the product I am buying low maintenance?

  • Can seams be hidden?

  • Just how durable is the product?

  • How quickly can I thoroughly clean it?

  • Is it easy to install?


“The best solutions should be low maintenance, long-lasting, designed for performance and really easy to clean,” said the spokesman. “Demanding environments require foolproof, robust solutions - and that is what CleanClad delivers. It is cheaper than tiles and stainless steel, easier to install and truly effortless to maintain. We urge food businesses to ensure their solution is moisture resistant and designed to repel things like mildew."


Looking for a hygienic surface?


CleanClad supplies a wide range of clients across the UK. It delivers direct to your door and offers completely free technical advice - so you know you are buying a product that is suitable for your project. The product range is packed with inspirational interior design ideas, with finishes to suit any environment.


With profiles, trims and accessories, not to mention ceiling cladding, you can buy everything you need for a total hygiene system. To find out more, visit CleanClad. Check out its nationwide installation service.