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Top Tips for Barbecue Safety

22 Jul 2019

Let’s face it, it’s barbecue weather! There is nothing quite so entertaining as gathering the family around for a party in the garden. But trowing any event that involves food requires careful attention to hygiene. Here, CleanClad talks you through top tips for barbecue safety. It is the UK’s most trusted brand of hygienic wall cladding, used in hotels, restaurants, takeaways and hospitals.


Before you do anything, wash your hands! Keeping your hands clean will prevent germs from getting onto food. Make sure you use soap and warm water, and dry with a paper towel or clean cloth. Ready to know what else you need to do to protect your family from food poisoning this summer?


Barbecue safety and meat


Cooked meat can pose a significant hazard. Make sure lamb, pork and beef products are cooked to 145°F. Allow for a rest time of around three minutes. Fish should be cooked to the same temperature. When it comes to poultry ensure everything is cooked to 165°F. Keep food out of the danger zone once thoroughly cooked.


A spokesman for CleanClad said: “No barbecue would be complete without salad items. You need to ensure that cucumber and tomatoes etc are kept chilled. Why not place bowls on trays filled with ice? If you do this, remember to replace melted ice and throw away residual water.


“Food safety experts say perishable foods should not be kept outdoors for more than one or two hours. If the temperature is very hot, like we are expecting this week, the time should be reduced. While leftovers can be kept in the fridge, if you are not sure about something throw it away.”


Here’s to great barbecue safety


We hope you enjoy the wonderful weather predicted for this week. Take care with food and, remember, if you want to make your kitchen surfaces safer, invest in fashionable CleanClad.