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The Stylish Hotel Hygiene System With No Grouting

19 Jul 2019

Hotel restaurants are renowned for their opulence and style. Keeping hygiene the priority can be hard when theatre style kitchens and other trendy dining experiences get consumers closer to where their food is prepared. Finding a system that aids compliance and looks attractive is pivotal - not just for the customer experience but for their reviews.


A greasy carvery area or buffet zone will not only be a turn-off, they can put a dent in good reviews and harm your reputation. Savvy hotels use CleanClad hygienic wall cladding. Beautifully designed it helps kitchen staff make light work of cleaning while lifting the look of a food preparation or serving area. It can be used on walls and ceilings and is available in shades that will match or complement your existing decor.


Hygienic wall cladding for hotel kitchens


A spokesman for CleanClad said: “Our total hygiene system is favoured by hotels because it aids hygiene while not lowering the tone of an area - especially in food preparation environments that can be seen by diners. CleanClad avoids the need for hard-to-clean, unattractive grouting and is available in a wide range of visually appealing finishes. We are always happy to talk to hotels about their requirements and offer completely free technical advice.”


Hotels choose CleanClad because it is fire resistant, easy bonds to most surfaces and is less expensive than traditional tiles and stainless steel. It retains its stunning aesthetics and improves the cleaning process with a super sheer surface.


Discover CleanClad for hotel hygiene


If you run a hotel and want to bring food preparation closer to your customers, invest in a hygiene system that won’t ruin the look of your restaurant. Visit CleanClad’s website to browse the entire range. The products can easily be installed by yourself. If you haven’t got the time, find out more about the brand’s specialist installation service.