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The Easiest Way to Keep Your Commercial Kitchen Hygienically Clean

24 Jun 2019

Let’s face it, running a commercial kitchen is darned hard work. In a fast-paced environment that demands attention to detail as well as a sound understanding of trends, hygiene can easily get overlooked. But it is crucial to your long-term success. That is why it pays to put efficiency at the heart of your cleaning processes - to ensure hygiene is never left on the back burner.


In 2019, food businesses that fail to make the grade on the hygiene front are being called out - not just by poor food hygiene ratings but expensive prosecutions. It has never been more important to put cleaning first. But it doesn’t have to be hard…


Commercial kitchen wall cladding


Introducing the effective and efficient way to keep surfaces in a food preparation area hygienically clean - CleanClad commercial kitchen wall cladding. Designed to make light work of the toughest cleaning jobs, this product is affordable and easy to install. It supports food businesses by promoting hygiene through a simple cleaning process. If you are worried about staying on top of hygiene, this product range will change the way you tackle kitchen risks.


Made from fire resistant PVC, CleanClad benefits from a smooth surface. Unlike tiles or painted walls, there are no nooks and crannies where bacteria can hide. Easy to clean, it just takes a wipe down with detergent and then a spray of sanitiser. This product range resists moisture and is suitable for commercial kitchens, bakeries, abattoirs, butcher’s shops, deli counters and many, many more.


Why buy commercial kitchen wall cladding?


Time is money. But being too busy to keep your kitchen hygienically clean is a mistake that could cost you - and your customers - dear. Commercial kitchen wall cladding helps you stay on top of the cleaning round the clock. If you want to free up staff and reduce the time it takes to keep your high-risk environment hygienically clean, discover a range of wall cladding that doesn’t just aid compliance, it boosts your internal decor.


Low maintenance CleanClad boasts the most sought-after finishes, so your business won’t just be clean, it will be on trend. This wall cladding is suitable for food preparation areas and serving / dining areas.


View the range and order online for fast UK delivery at CleanClad. Want to completely revamp your premises? let CleanClad's professional installation team do all the hard work for you. Working across the country, it provides outstanding internal cladding solutions designed to make risky environments easier to maintain.