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Take Care of Hygiene at Food Festivals and Trade Shows

5 Aug 2019

If you are planning to show off your produce at a food festival or trade show, be sure to consider the risks. Ask yourself if it will be necessary to prepare food in-situ or if it will be more practical to get some of the work done beforehand. If you are planning to transport any type of food from A to B, it is crucial that it is kept at the correct temperature at all times.


A break at any point in the journey can be extremely dangerous. Particular care should be taken with cooked meats, salad items and anything else that can pose a danger. If you are exhibiting at a trade show, ask if your shell stand is made from PVC sheet. This material is easy to clean and aids hygiene standards. Make sure electricity is supplied for coolers and / or cooking equipment. You will also need to ensure that you have access to hot water for cleaning utensils. They should be cleaned at least every 20 minutes. If your stand package does not include these essentials, ask about upgrade options.


Mobile catering units and food festivals


Whether you are a seasoned outside caterer at food festivals or a mainstay of the pop festival scene, paying close attention to hygiene is imperative. Make sure surfaces in your mobile unit benefit from hygienic surfaces. Preferably, walls and ceilings should be smooth and effortless to clean quickly. If you are new to mobile catering, seek advice before selling a single thing.


CleanClad hygienic wall cladding is made from PVC and can be used in a wide range of environments. It can be fitted in static and mobile commercial kitchens - anywhere. As well as supporting robust cleaning processes, CleanClad is attractive. It will deliver spotless surfaces and style.


Food risks and hygiene - everywhere


You don’t have to venture out of your commercial kitchen or food processing setting to benefit from CleanClad. It can aid compliance just about anywhere - even in abattoirs and butcher’s shops. Fire and moisture resistant, this market-leading brand is available to buy online and is really easy to install.

View the entire range here and keep your customers in the festival spirit.