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Save With Low Maintenance PVC Hygienic Wall Cladding


Whether you run a fish and chip shop or dog kennels, PVC hygienic wall cladding has key benefits. As well as being straight forward to keep spotless, it is ultra-low maintenance. In fact, once you have installed this cost-effective cladding, you will only ever have to clean it. The UK’s leading wall cladding expert, CleanClad, explains the benefits.


It says, a durable cladding system is essential in a wide range of environments. The company points to a case last week where a grocery store in Gateshead was fined £9,701 for food hygiene breaches. Dirty floors and ceilings were among the hazards found when the shop was inspected. CleanClad has been supplying and installing effective cladding systems for a decade. The company points out, its leading brand:


  • Is effortless to clean
  • Drives up hygiene standards
  • Is cost-effective
  • Promotes efficiency
  • Increases productivity
  • Is cheaper than harder to maintain alternatives
  • Looks good in any setting


PVC Hygienic Wall Cladding for Food Businesses


Following the outcome of last week’s court case, a spokeswoman for Gateshead Council said: “There is no excuse for taking shortcuts when it comes to food hygiene.” That is a sentiment echoed by CleanClad, which says it is alarmed by the number of businesses currently failing to achieve hygiene ratings that promote public confidence in food safety. It works with a wide range of private enterprises and public authorities to push up standards and eliminate hard-to-clean surfaces that are breeding grounds for bacteria.


Its customers include restaurants and hotels, as well as abattoirs, butcher’s shops, leisure facilities, hospitals and schools. Promoting good hygiene is paramount to this nationwide stockist of PVC hygienic wall cladding. A spokesman said: “Having a solution that is low maintenance makes the job of complying with food hygiene regulations much easier. A two-stage clean can be completed in minutes and free up staff time to be more productive. Time and again, we come across examples of businesses being fined thousands of pounds for the sake of a low-cost outlay that will help them develop excellent cleaning processes that are effortless to maintain.”


Buy PVC hygienic wall cladding online


One of the areas in which CleanClad has excelled is online sales. It has made PVC hygienic wall cladding more accessible to businesses with sensitive environments. It operates a nationwide delivery service and says, because its wall and ceiling cladding products are so easy to install, more and more businesses are undertaking their own installations. For those who want to guarantee a professional finish, CleanClad has a well-established nationwide installation service.


The spokesman added: “PVC hygienic wall cladding is now available in a breath-taking array of finishes that look absolutely stunning anywhere. That is why we are seeing more of our customers utilise its benefits in areas that require great aesthetics. This can be in reception areas, dining rooms, classrooms, corridors and treatment facilities. In fact, we are seeing a shift towards our products in the dental, pet and beauty sector.”


Learn more about PVC hygienic wall cladding by visiting CleanClad.