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Put Kitchen Hygiene on Your Christmas Wish List

17 Dec 2018

Kitchen hygiene may not sound like the best Christmas present ever, but you’d be surprised what it can do for a home or business. Modern wall cladding provides a stylish yet easy to clean hygienic surface for a wide range of sensitive environments. It particularly lends itself to kitchens – one of the most high risk areas you will find in any property.

Christmas is one of the worst times of the year for outbreaks of food poisoning. With stuffed fridges, raw meat and a cocktail of other factors, there’s plenty of risks to be aware of. The most common causes of food poisoning in the UK include Campylobacter, Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli. You can avoid becoming ill over the festive season by paying careful attention to:

Improve kitchen hygiene

If your kitchen surfaces are in a poor state of repair, are painted, tiled or simply look outdated, invest in CleanClad. It is the UK’s favourite brand of hygienic wall cladding. Available in a huge range of stylish finishes, it will lift the look of any space and help you keep it spotlessly clean.

Manufactured from food grade PVC, CleanClad is moisture and impact resistance. Its smooth surface helps you make light work of removing dirt and grime and all the nasty things you can’t see.

Ask for CleanClad by name

If want to improve kitchen hygiene in your home or business, put CleanClad on your Christmas wish list. Ask for it by name. Better still, buy it yourself and start 2019 on a fresh, clean note.

CleanClad is available to buy online. You can also buy it in person at CleanClad’s trade counter in Rotherham. With fast nationwide delivery, a free installation guide and excellent free technical advice, you can see why CleanClad is the preferred hygiene solution for sensitive areas. It is available in a range of lengths and thickness to suit all project requirements.

Find out more by visiting CleanClad.