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Our Hygienic Wall Cladding, Your Commercial Kitchen

6 Feb 2019

As the Government issues new guidance on food and drink labelling, our hygienic wall cladding is here to help you make the most of your commercial kitchen business. We are also here to offer you important advice. A ‘No Deal’ Brexit will see the way you label food and drink change. In updated guidance, food businesses will have 21 months to implement changes. They include:

  • The EU emblem must not be used on goods produced in the UK unless a company has been authorised by the EU to do so
  • The EU organic logo must not be used on any UK organic products, unless the UK and EU reach an equivalency arrangement – where both still recognise each other’s standards – before exit day
  • It will be inaccurate to label UK food as origin ‘EU’. Additional information such as signage in shops and online information will help clarify to the consumer the origin of the food

Hygienic wall cladding and labelling

A spokesman for CleanClad said: “It is good to know that food and drink products already on the UK market on or before 29 March 2019 can continue to be sold until the stocks are exhausted. However, goods placed on the UK market after 29 March will have to carry labels that follow the updated guidelines. The Government has stated that it will encourage enforcement officers to take a ‘pragmatic approach to enforcement’, which fully protects the interests of consumers while ensuring the food industry is able to manage the scale of labelling changes required.”

If you are reviewing how you operate your commercial kitchen ahead of Brexit, now is a great time to discover hygienic all cladding. It will help you ensure that your labelling is accurate by delivering an effortless yet thorough aid to cleaning. Ingredients that shouldn’t be in a product won’t find themselves there if you follow food hygiene protocols and use CleanClad products. Cheaper than alternative cladding materials, they are perfect for commercial kitchens because they save time and increase efficiency.

View hygienic wall cladding online

With a fabulous choice of finishes, CleanClad is rightfully the UK’s leading supplier of hygienic wall cladding. Its online shop is packed with great ideas for any sized commercial kitchen – from a small, family-run restaurant to a major food processing factory. CleanClad delivers its products nationwide and is always here to offer completely free technical advice. Alternatively, call 03334566700.