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Office Hygiene | How PVC Wall Cladding Boosts Productivity

10 Dec 2018

Offices are a hotbed of germs, especially at this time of year – the flu season. Poor hygiene gives viruses the perfect environment to breed. Ever noticed how coughs and colds travel around your office at lightning speed? Worried about staffing levels over the Christmas period? Hygiene plays a pivotal role in productivity and in protecting the health of employees. Installing PVC wall cladding improves office hygiene.

Investing in hygienic surfaces is the crux of creating a healthy working environment. By making a space easier to thoroughly clean, you will eliminate the bacteria that poses a threat to your staffing levels. The cost of sickness in the UK has topped £77 billion. Isn’t it time you took action to improve the health of your workforce?

CleanClad PVC wall cladding for office hygiene

CleanClad is the UK’s market-leading brand of hygienic PVC wall cladding. It helps employers ensure surfaces are effectively cleaned. The secret is super-smooth surfaces that are effortless to wipe down and sanitise. A spokesman said: “Germs can’t cling to a smooth surface when it is properly cleaned. Our hygiene system has been developed to provide the most robust hygienic surfaces in the UK.”

As well as being available in a range of inspiring finishes, CleanClad is fire resistant and surprisingly affordable. Its PVC wall cladding is easy to install and effortless to maintain. It delivers seamless hygiene that cannot be achieved with traditional wall coatings. That includes tiles, fabric screens and paint

Order CleanClad online

CleanClad is suitable for offices, reception areas, high traffic corridors and a huge range of other sensitive environments. View the full range at CleanClad. You will also find a free, downloadable installation guide and full product specifications.

Don’t want to see your staffing levels diminished over winter? Implement a clean desk policy and invest in PVC wall cladding today.