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Opening Times: Mon-Fri 9.00am to 4.30pm

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Not All Plastic Wall Cladding Sheets Are The Same

19 Aug 2019

CleanClad is the number one brand of plastic wall cladding sheets - but what makes it different? According to experts, it is its versatility and durability. A spokesperson for the company said: "Anybody looking to improve hygiene standards needs a wall cladding product that isn't just robust but effortless to clean.

"A system that requires too much time to maintain will end up posing a hazard - which defeats the purpose of installing hygienic cladding. We help our customers achieve the very highest standards - whatever their business - with wall and ceiling cladding products designed to make people's lives easier. Making cleaning effortless encourages staff - and owners - to keep presmises spotlessly clean."

Coloured Plastic Wall Cladding Sheets

One of the things that makes CleanClad plastic wall cladding sheets really stand out is sheer choice. "We go above and beyond to give our customers a wide variety of options when it comes to finishes," the spokesperson said. "We understand that no two premises are the same and that is why we have steadily expanded the range we offer.

"As well as delivering hygienic surfaces, we deliver style. Our plastic cladding is available in pastel colours as well as high-gloss finishes and bold, eye-catching shades. Being able to give our customers this level of choice is important to us. White will always be popular, but not all environments are suited to a clinical look."

CleanClad goes further

As well as offering unrivalled choice, CleanClad is always happy to provide free technical advice. It also offers an installtion service to those who don't feel confident fitting the cladding system themselves. This nationwide service is trusted by both the public and private secor.

The spokeperson added: "Hygiene is everything in today's consumer-led marketplace. We know how to develop robust systems that don't just deliver high performance but offer lasting results." Find out more about what makes CleanClad the brand of choice for plastic wall cladding sheets - visit the website.