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Know the Hygiene Risks in Warm Weather

8 Jul 2019

Cases of food poisoning can rise during hot weather. That is why hygienic wall cladding brand CleanClad is warning food businesses to keep a close eye on food temperatures and hygiene. In one area of the West Midlands, over 700 cases of food poisoning were reported last year – a rise of over 20 per cent on the previous 12 months. A long spell of hot weather is likely to have contributed to the increase.


“We are urging food businesses to follow temperature guides to keep food out of danger zones. This is especially important in the summer months. Chilled foods must be stored at the correct temperature at all times and hot food must be kept hot,” said a CleanClad spokesman. He added: “Any surfaces in food preparation areas should be regularly cleaned and sanitised to keep bacteria in check.”


Hygiene and your kitchen surfaces


Walls and ceilings should not be overlooked when cleaning a food preparation area,. CleanClad, the specialists when it comes to hygienic surfaces, says: “Our products help you stay on top of cleaning chores - so any sensitive environment is kept spotlessly clean. By paying attention to hygiene and food temperatures, you can greatly reduce the risk of food poisoning.”


As well as selling its own brand of hygienic wall and ceiling cladding, CleanClad stocks the full range of accessories. It is also recognised as the leading installer of hygienic cladding and works across the UK. It has partnered with some of the country’s leading names in fast food to drive up hygiene standards.


Reduce risks in warm weather


Don’t let warm weather ruin your business. Find out more about PVC wall cladding from CleanClad. Visit the website for further information. CleanClad provides free technical advice and can deliver your products directly to your door.