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Opening Times: Mon-Fri 9.00am to 4.30pm

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Introducing The Number One Hygiene Solution For Waiting Rooms

2 Aug 2019

High traffic environments demand attention to detail when it comes to cleaning - and waiting rooms are no exception. Whether you manage facilities at public transport hubs, offices, clinics or a doctor’s surgery, having easy to clean surfaces is really important. That is why CleanClad is the number one hygiene solution for busy spaces.


Sticky little fingers, coughs and colds, not to mention a plethora of germs you can’t see, are all dangers in spaces that are in constant use. Keeping on top of hygiene is, therefore, critical - especially if you want to look after your staff as well as clients. Consistently good hygiene standards can reduce absenteeism and keep your working environment healthy.


Waiting rooms and hygienic wall cladding


A CleanClad spokesman said: “We can supply our hygienic wall cladding to anyone and / or install it. Our product range is used in environments where compliance is pivotal or where high traffic poses risks. That is why you will find CleanClad in schools and hospitals, as well as commercial kitchens. It can make a world of difference in waiting rooms.


“The great thing about CleanClad is that it looks great anywhere, and is available in a range of finishes. So you can achieve the best hygiene standards in a space that people feel comfortable in. We supply CleanClad nationwide and it can be ordered online 24/7.”


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CleanClad is easy to install and low maintenance. It aids the cleaning process with a really smooth surface that makes wiping down and sanitising walls quick and easy. It reduces the time spent on cleaning while ensuring now part of a surface is poses a risk. CleanClad also stocks ceiling cladding and the full range of profiles, trims and accessories.


For further information about CleanClad’s installation service, click here.