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Opening Times: Mon-Fri 9.00am to 4.30pm

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Internal Wall Cladding Installation for Restaurants

28 Jun 2019

There is a quick and easy way to transform the kitchen in your restaurant. Our internal wall cladding installation team takes the hassle out of compliance. It works up and down the country, delivering hygienic interiors that save you time while giving you peace of mind. We recommend CleanClad’s installation service to businesses looking for an easier way to keep food preparation areas hygienically clean.


If you are worried about standards of cleanliness in your food business, or feel your internal decor is letting you down, we can help. With fully trained cladding installers, a huge range of wall and ceiling cladding and a real commitment to customer service, you can count on us to make a real difference. Our products will instantly lift the look of your kitchen and make it easier to maintain. It is perfect for businesses that strive to deliver the very best hygiene standards.


Wall cladding installation by experts


CleanClad has been the UK’s leading brand of hygienic wall cladding for more than a decade. We are trusted by food outlets that demand top hygiene ratings and rely on our products to boost efficiency. For surfaces that can be effectively cleaned quickly, CleanClad is number one. Not sure if internal wall cladding is for you?


Take a look at the existing surfaces in your restaurant kitchen. Are they smooth? Can you easily clean every square inch? If your tiles are cracked or look dated, or your stainless steel is in need of replacement, CleanClad products are both cost-effective and compliant. They resist moisture, won’t attract mould or mildew, and offer years of low maintenance practicality. CleanClad internal wall cladding is fire resistant and is widely used in restaurants, takeaways, cafes, butcher’s shops, abattoirs, hospitals, schools and offices everywhere.


Internal wall cladding installation information


Our internal wall cladding installation team will prepare your surfaces before bonding CleanClad to walls. We can also install ceiling cladding for total hygiene. We ensure you are left with a professional finish and an environment that is super-easy to maintain.


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