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Increase Footfall With CleanClad Commercial Kitchen Cladding

27 Mar 2019

Let’s face it, commercial kitchen cladding is the best way to easily take care of hygiene in any food preparation environment. It is super-efficient, low maintenance and a great tool if you want to implement a cleaning process that is simple for everyone to adhere to. But that isn’t all this versatile cladding material can help you achieve. Whether you run a Chinese takaway, burger bar, fish and chip shop or high-end restaurant, it can deliver seamless interior design.


Commercial kitchen cladding from CleanClad is highly effective in both creating and enhancing your branding. In turn, it can increase footfall. In fact, brand consistency is considered one of the biggest hurdles food businesses of all sizes struggle with. Now you can combine hygiene with colour-coordinated cladding that reflects the ethos of your business - and attracts more customers. Use CleanClad to create a specific look and feel in any environment, including dining areas, spaces behind shop counters and in any public-facing setting. We recommend this type of cladding in restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, takeaways and sandwich shops. It can also be used in grocery stores and in-house catering facilities in a wide range of commercial and industrial businesses.


Contemporary wall cladding means you can extend your use of PVC sheet beyond surfaces behind sinks and in food preparation areas to spaces where they will help you to increase footfall. For the real wow factor, choose coloured wall cladding. It will help you give customers a great first impression of your business and instill confidence in your hygiene standards.


Commercial Kitchen Wall Cladding and Branding


Commercial kitchen wall cladding from CleanClad is available in a wide range of finishes. You can choose from mellow pastel shades to in-your-face, bold high-gloss colours. Combine more than one to bring a space to life and give it flawless texture and depth. For example, a fast food business may consider red, orange or black, or a combination of colours. Personalise your decor by using colour schemes your target audience will most likely warm to.


Where CleanClad excels is in environments that look out of date, neglected or dirty. This versatile product range can quickly transform the most dowdy-looking space into a modern, spotlessly clean setting that will look great for years. Easy to install, this cladding can be trimmed to fit any space. It simply bonds to prepared surfaces. Once in place, it eliminates hard-to-clean walls and, at the same time, gives you the visual appeal you need to succeed in business.


If your customers aren’t exactly singing the praises of your current interior design, it is time to take action.


Buy Commercial Kitchen Cladding from CleanClad


You can buy commercial kitchen cladding online today from CleanClad. Moisture and impact resistant, this cladding is specifically designed for demanding, high-risk environments. It can be delivered to your door in just 1 to 3 days.


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