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Opening Times: Mon-Fri 9.00am to 4.30pm

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Hygienic Wall Panels With Outstanding Fire Resistance

18 Oct 2019

A chip pan fire in a restaurant kitchen is more common than you think - making hygienic wall panels with outstanding fire resistance a must. How many times have you heard of a business folding after a fire literally reduces it to ashes? Looking after your business and protecting it from every-day hazards starts with really simple things - like good safety practices and fire resistant wall coverings.


CleanClad is the brand of hygienic cladding bringing safety and cleanliness together in one simple sheet. It is the solution more and more commercial kitchens are trusting. Not only does it make a business more likely to be compliant, it helps to reduce fire risks. Having a highly fire proof wall covering on surfaces near food processing and preparation areas will help to contain a fire while action is being taken to put it out.


Clean kitchens start with safe wall coverings


Make sure your restaurant or cafe ticks all the boxes for cleanliness and safety. Ensure you keep your kitchen tidy and free of hazards, and use hygienic wall panels. CleanClad is made of food safe PVC sheet. It comes in either a semi or full gloss finish, which helps when cleaning. It has a Class 1 fire rating.


A spokesman said: “CleanClad is a trusted brand. Our customers know what they are buying - quality - when they shop with us, The same can’t be said everywhere online, particularly when people unwittingly buy from overseas supplier. We aim to combat purchasing errors by ensuring our pricing is both competitive and fair.”


Fire resistant hygienic wall panels


Looking for fire resistant hygienic wall panels? Whatever business you are in, ours exists to help you get safety right. Whether you need to clean up your act to improve your food hygiene rating or better protect your kitchen from fire, our products will help.


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