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Hygienic surfaces for butcher's shops

1 Jul 2019

Butcher’s shops are subject to the same strict hygiene regulations as restaurants and takeaways, in addition to industry-specific regulations. It is important that any business selling raw and cooked meats invests in hygienic surfaces and pays strict attention to food safety protocols. Avoiding cross contamination and making sure bacteria is kept in check is paramount.


A poor hygiene inspection in a shop selling meat is a serious concern. If you own or manage a butcher’s shop and want to improve your cleaning systems, investing in easy to clean surfaces is an excellent start. CleanClad, the UK’s number one hygienic wall cladding brand, is here to help you get things right. As well as selling a wide range of products to ensure you are compliant, it offers free technical advice and even installation if required.


Hygiene breaches in butcher’s shops


The Food Standards Agency spells out EU requirements in its Meat Industry Guide. Every butcher should follow statutory guidelines carefully and ensure any risks are quickly dealt with. CleanClad is suitable for meat preparation areas and public-facing spaces of a business. It is simple to clean and sanitise, and looks incredibly smart.


Unlike tiles, CleanClad has no grouting. It is less expensive yet highly durable and moisture resistant. What’s more, it is available in a range of finishes to give your high risk area a professional look. Inspected and safe meat must be kept that way and the butcher is the link between the source and the consumer. This important role should never be overlooked. Just like restaurants, butcher’s shops can be shut if they fail to meet required hygiene standards.


The alternative to stainless steel in butcher’s shops


Stainless steel is expensive and can dull over time, leaving your premises looking dated and tired. CleanClad is the long-lasting alternative. As well as being cheaper, it is easy to install and retains its finish. If you would like to learn more, visit CleanClad to browse the product range, technical specifications and installation guide.


CleanClad stocks hygienic wall and ceiling cladding, profiles and accessories. It offers nationwide delivery.