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How To Use CleanClad In Retail Environments


CleanClad is a popular hygiene choice for a wide range of retail environments, including butcher’s shops, deli counters and sandwich outlets. If you have been considering replacing tiles or stainless steel with a low maintenance alternative to aid compliance, this PVC sheet product is both cost-effective and time-saving. Here is how you can use this versatile material in a retail setting.


When you consider areas that need to be kept hygienically clean, you may overlook walls and ceilings. CleanClad is available as hygienic wall cladding and hygienic ceiling cladding. Together with an easy-to-clean counter or food preparation area, it ensures every surface can be maintained to a high standard in any space where food is either prepared, processed or stored.


Retail hygiene solutions


Already used in a huge number of commercial kitchens, this product range is increasingly found in shops because of its high visual appeal. Available in semi or full gloss finishes, it is attractive as well as practical. Use it behind counters to look after not just cleanliness but interior design in a high-risk environment.


“Our products perform well in demanding sectors and significantly aid the cleaning process,” said a CleanClad spokesman. “It looks good too, so you can benefit from wall and ceiling surfaces that are easy to keep hygienically clean while impressing your customers with a designer finish. With no grouting, our wall cladding is easy to maintain than tiles and it retains its looks - even in moisture intense environments.”


Installing CleanClad


CleanClad is bonded to walls and ceilings with adhesive, meaning you can protect reasonably large areas quickly. The brand includes profiles and trims to deliver total hygiene. If you are concerned about surfaces in your shop, it is the go-to-brand for all-round peace of mind.


All the hygienic cladding products in the range area available in a choice of sheet sizes and thicknesses, and can be securely ordered online for fact nationwide delivery. Call 0808 1649 554 or visit for further information.