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How To Sell A Food Business Quickly

14 Jun 2019

If your food business has been on the market for a while, there are things you can do to improve your prospects of attracting a sale. Every year in England, thousands of businesses just like yours change hands. There is a ready market for established outlets - you just have to know how to attract the right interest.


Food hygiene experts at CleanClad say many business owners overlook he need to make surfaces easy to clean. Potential buyers who can see work will need to be carried out to make a commercial kitchen compliant, for example, may be put off. Likewise, a kitchen or dining area that is poorly presented is likely to get a negative response. Looking to boost your chances?


Make kitchen surfaces easy to clean


Take a long, hard look at the surfaces behind your work space and hand washing areas. Do they appear grubby or tired-looking? How easy are they to clean?


Do yourself a favour and invest in low-cost wall cladding. It will lift the look of a high-risk space while ensuring it is easy to keep hygienically clean. Buying and installing hygienic wall cladding is simple. You can buy online and install it yourself. It really is that easy.


Boost the look of public-facing areas


Whether you are trying to sell a tea room, hotel, restaurant or takeaway, the public-facing areas are important. If your existing decor includes wallpaper, paint or wood, get rid of it. Choose coloured hygienic wall cladding as a replacement. Not only will it give your space a contemporary twist, it will ensure it has the wow factor. Best of all, it is easy to keep clean and will help you save time.


CleanClad’s hygienic wall cladding sheet is available in a wide range of finishes - from satin white and pastel colours to truly bold and ‘out there’ high-gloss shades.


If you really want to sell your business, take a look at it from a buyer’s point of view.


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