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How To Protect Surfaces From Campylobacter

19 Dec 2018

The Food Standards Agency is warning people not to wash turkeys before cooking them this Christmas. The reason is campylobacter. This common cause of food poisoning is often contracted as a result of splashes from washing poultry.

If you hold raw poultry under a tap, you will most likely splash bacteria onto your kitchen surfaces where it will quickly multiply and pose a serious health risk. Walls are particular danger zone because they are often not cleaned properly. CleanClad, the market-leading brand of hygienic wall cladding in the UK, helps you eliminate this threat.

Use wall cladding to stamp out campylobacter

You can fight campylobacter with good hygiene practices. Ensure your kitchen surfaces are not cracked, peeled or tiled. A smooth surface that can be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised quickly offers the best protection.

A spokesman for CleanClad said; “Sadly, this time of year is often ruined by poor hygiene. We help homeowners and those in the catering business keep campylobacter and other nasty bacteria at bay with durable PVC surfaces that can be cleaned to clinical standards. Designed to support total hygiene, our hygienic wall cladding is a must-have if you want to avoid food poisoning.”

Hygiene in the spotlight

If you are planning to do the cooking this Christmas, pay attention to hand hygiene and take care with clothing. Bacteria doesn’t just splash on kitchen walls. If you are concerned about hygiene in your kitchen and want to make the cleaning process more effective, visit CleanClad. You will find hygienic wall cladding in a wide range of colours and panel sizes, not to mention a choice of thicknesses.

CleanClad also offers a nationwide installation service or a free guide for those who want to install cladding themselves. Browse the entire range now and order online for fast UK delivery. Contact CleanClad if you would like free technical advice or more product information.