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How To Motivate Your Team With Plastic Wall Cladding Sheets

17 May 2019

Plastic wall cladding sheets promote good work practices in high-risk businesses. Not just because they aid the cleaning process in environments where hygiene is everything, but because they motivate teams. How often have you had to give your people a pep talk because they have slacked off on the cleaning? Perhaps lack of motivation has led them to cut corners or even land your business in hot water.


Every day food businesses are named and shamed in the local and national press for poor or failing hygiene. Earlier this week, it was the turn of restaurants in Cambridgeshire. The nine with the lowest food hygiene ratings were plastered all over the web. Pubs, hotels and restaurants with either a zero or 1 rating were among those to be featured. As well as being hugely embarrassing, this type of bad publicity can seriously stunt income and growth. Some never recover from bad press.


Why Plastic Wall Cladding Sheets Make A Difference


CleanClad, the leading brand of plastic wall cladding sheets, says people working with food can be motivated to adhere to hygiene. It has the following tips for food business owners:


  • Ensure your surfaces are easy to clean. Install affordable plastic wall cladding sheets
  • Make your cleaning processes easy to understand and follow. Talk staff through what must be cleaned, how and when
  • Use colour coding throughout to avoid cross contamination
  • Regularly check that cleaning requirements are being met and that staff are washing their hands between tasks
  • Document any necessary changes and make sure your staff know about them


As well as being easy to clean, plastic wall cladding sheets can deliver total hygiene and come in a range to finishes to make working in a demanding environment pleasant and productive. The colour scheme you choose can help to motivate your team and ensure best practices are followed at all times.


Where to Buy Plastic Wall Cladding Sheets Online


It doesn’t matter where you are in the UK, you can have hygienic wall panels delivered to your door. CleanClad supplies a huge range of hygienic wall cladding. Easy to install and low maintenance, it is the cost-effective and professional way to look after hygiene and promote all-round cleanliness.


Need an installation service? CleanClad operates a nationwide installation service. For more information, visit the website.