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How To Make The Most of Kitchen Wall Cladding Panels

31 Jan 2019

Kitchen wall cladding panels are popular because they are easier to maintain than other hygienic surfaces and cost less. Getting the most out of your investment will help you further reduce costs and improve efficiency in a commercial kitchen or food processing environment. At CleanClad, we are always here to help you use hygienic wall cladding to gain the edge over competitors. We have drawn up a list of top tips to help you realise the benefits from day one.

If you are new to kitchen wall cladding panels, this blog post will give you a clear understanding of how hygiene can boost your business. Our affordable cladding products are market-leading because they aid compliance, interior design and efficiency. You can reduce the time it takes to clean sensitive areas with surfaces designed to take the hassle out of achieving total hygiene.

Kitchen wall cladding panels benefits

If you are torn between tiles, stainless steel and kitchen wall cladding panels, here’s why you should focus on PVC cladding panels:

  • They make thorough cleaning effortless
  • Simple to cut and install
  • Low cost
  • Durable high performance
  • Moisture, UV and impact resistant
  • High impact visual appeal
  • Great for branding

Make the most of kitchen wall cladding panels by choosing colours that reflect your branding or to create a defined visual impact. See the full colour range here. Devise a cleaning regime that will be easy to stick to. Train your staff to clean and sanitise surfaces with air drying after each stage. Keep on top of cleaning and it will take less time to achieve great hygiene standards.

How to make the most of hygienic cladding

Once you have installed kitchen wall cladding panels, it is easy to take care of them. They represent one of the lowest maintenance hygienic surfaces on the market and are being used by a growing number of food businesses. Before ordering your panels, check out the colour and size options available from CleanClad. Consider how you can buy smart to achieve flawless interior design and hygiene that ticks all the boxes.

CleanClad works with food businesses across the UK. It is the Number One supplier of hygienic wall cladding to a growing number of clients in the private and public sector. We offer free technical advice, fast nationwide delivery and outstanding hygiene solutions that are helping more commercial kitchens achieve outstanding levels of cleanliness.