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How To Make A Reception Area Practical and Hygienic

7 Jun 2019

Your reception area is your shop window. It is the first point of contact customers or service users have with your brand - and cleanliness as well as looks matter. If your reception plays an important role, designing a space that is both practical and attractive is important. Check out these design ideas to ensure you achieve both.


For inspiration, we asked the directors of CleanClad, the UK’s besk-known brand of hygienic wall cladding, for some tips. The guidelines below are suitable for reception areas in offices, doctors’ surgeries, dental practices, vets’, hospitals, hair and beauty salons, and manufacturing centres. They are also useful for conference centres, cinemas, theatres, and schools. In fact, any reception room that attracts high footfall will benefit from the innovative ideas below.


How to design a hygienic reception area


“Getting the right look and feel is important,” said a CleanClad spokesman. “But that doesn’t mean hygiene has to take a back seat. Creating a welcoming space that raises the profile of your business or organisation should never overlook how easy the environment will be to keep spotlessly clean.”


For a totally hygienic reception area, first consider:


1. Your ideal colour scheme

What mood do you want to create? Consider how colours can impact the atmosphere of a space and how people react to it. Then try to devise a colour scheme that not only supports the right feel but also complements your branding.


2. Do you want to make the reception desk a centrepiece?

Consider how your colour scheme can be incorporated into the customer-facing drop of the desk. Ask yourself if wood or fabric is really suitable in a high traffic environment. Will it be hard to maintain and do you have staff with the necessary skills to keep it spotlessly clean?


3. The space behind your desk

Will a plain wall suffice, or would you like to extend the wow factor? CleanClad can be used to clad the front of the reception desk and matching or complementary panels used to cover part or all the wall space behind. Easy to clean and visually stunning, this is the hassle-free way to give reception areas a coordinated finish. Consider high gloss or pastel colours to really lift the look of a functional space.


By minimising clutter, which looks poor and makes cleaning harder, you can create a reception room that will boost your brand and be effortless to maintain. If you decide to use wall and / or ceiling cladding, make sure it meets British Standards and is moisture and impact resistant. CleanClad is number one because it really does tick all those boxes and more.


How to source hygienic reception area cladding


CleanClad is available to buy on the web. It can also be installed, if required, by the brand’s dedicated installation team. It works across Britain, delivering ground-breaking interior design solutions to businesses and public sector entities.


Browse the full range of wall and ceiling cladding online or contact CleanClad.