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How To Improve Hygiene in Your Business in 2019

21 Dec 2018

As businesses wind down for Christmas, attentions will be turning to the New Year. If you want to improve hygiene in your business in 2019, you have come to the right place. CleanClad is the foremost name in hygienic wall and ceiling cladding in the UK. Our low cost, low maintenance solutions support excellence at every level in a wide range of sensitive environments.

Building a successful brand is all about consistency. Hygiene should play a pivotal role in your brand’s story. Attaining a top food hygiene rating, for example, is a real feather in your cap – and something you can use in your marketing. As well as giving customers confidence in your products or services, you will make your business more attractive to new clients. Use this checklist to improve hygiene in your business in 2019.

Invest in hygienic surfaces for 2019

Take a look around your sensitive area. What poses a potential risk? Consider the surface of walls. Are they blighted by hard-to-clean or damaged tiles? Are you relying on paint? Perhaps you have invested in stainless steel and are finding it hard to maintain.

Cover up high-risk surfaces with CleanClad’s hygienic wall cladding. For total hygiene, consider adding hygienic ceiling cladding. As well as making an environment easier to keep hygienically clean, CleanClad looks stunning.

Consider hygiene when choosing new interior design

CleanClad aids the cleaning process. Not only that, CleanClad products are available in the widest range of coloured finishes. Want a sleek, high-gloss finish in a bold, eye-catching colour for 2019? We’ve got it! Thinking of creating a relaxing atmosphere with a hint of colour? Take a look at our pastel shades.

CleanClad helps you create an environment that supports your brand image while helping you to stay on top of cleaning and be compliant.

Put efficiency at the heart of your hygiene plan

CleanClad helps you save time. Its surface is designed to be effortless to keep clinically clean. If you want to speed up the cleaning and sanitising process, hygienic wall and ceiling cladding is an investment that will pay for itself.

Look forward to a prosperous and safe 2019 with CleanClad. Browse our entire product range, including profiles and accessories, and order online. You will find a free downloadable installation guide on our website. CleanClad is easy to cut to size and install but, if you would like us to undertake your cladding project for you, visit our installation service page.