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How PVC Wall Cladding Aids Infection Control

29 Mar 2019

Infection control measures are vital in any care or treatment setting. PVC wall cladding makes the job of keeping high-traffic and sensitive areas hygienically clean straightforward. The Care Quality Commission takes a robust approach to breaches of the Health and Social Care Act, which includes guidance to help those running hospitals, care homes and dental practices. Followed correctly, regulations set out the systems that should be adopted to both manage and monitor infection control. Reducing susceptibility to infection and competent risk management plays an important part of the requirements.


The Care Quality Commission now has the power to directly prosecute service providers. This should be a consideration when planning the day-to-day cleaning of high-risk environments. PVC wall cladding can be used to minimise risks in bedrooms, washrooms, food preparation areas, treatment rooms and busy communal settings. Areas can be kept totally clean using coloured cloths for zoning - which prevents the spread of a risk from one area to another - mild detergent and sanitiser.


PVC Wall Cladding And Risk Reduction


PVC wall cladding can be used in sluice rooms, laundry areas, toilets, and corridors. It supports vigorous hygiene regimes with a smooth surface that gives bacteria, dirt and dust nowhere to hide. Unlike painted surfaces, this modern approach to hygiene requires little maintenance. It won’t peel or flake, and makes thorough cleaning easy. In the case of kitchens, bathrooms and toilets, it is less expensive than tiles and needs no grouting. This cladding product helps to lift standards in services that maintain adherence to handwashing and protective clothing protocols. 


Registered providers of care and dental services should understand the role cleaning plays in reducing the potential for harm. Where serious shortcomings are found and very poor ratings given, services can be forced to close. Even those that continue to operate can suffer as a result of lack of confidence in their ability to deliver a safe environment. Reduced referrals and difficulties in recruiting are not uncommon. Where multiple breaches of regulations are found, fines can be very high.


Discover How PVC Wall Cladding Supports Good Hygiene


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