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How Long Does It Take To Clean Your Commercial Kitchen?

4 Oct 2019

If it is taking you too long to clean your commercial kitchen, have you taken a good look at your surfaces? Removing spills and splatters from walls can be tricky - particularly if they are painted or are tiled. A completely smooth surface with no awkward grooves could really be beneficial. In fact, that is why more food business owners are turning to CleanClad.


The brand of hygienic wall cladding is manufactured to make cleaning a commercial kitchen less time consuming and more thorough. With food hygiene inspections to worry about and the real need for all businesses to adopt robust processes to protect the public, isn’t it time you found out more about how this innovative cladding works?


CleanClad in commercial kitchens


CleanClad is perfect for commercial kitchens because its smooth surface makes it harder for debris to cling to. Grease and grime can easily be removed and walls sanitised. Versatile and attractive, CleanClad’s product range is designed to lower maintenance tasks and give you more time to make money. If the end of the trading day fills you with dread, consider how you can make even deep cleans so much easier and more effective.


You can install CleanClad yourself. It is suitable for all sensitive environments, including abattoirs and hospitals. Made from pure polymer and solid PVC, the products in the CleanClad range are available in a choice of thicknesses and colours. Sheets are simply bonded to surfaces and cover large areas. See what you can achieve.


New look for outdated kitchens


Cleaning a commercial kitchen should be straightforward. CleanClad is the system helping thousands of businesses to stay on top of crucial hygiene. As well as being the number one hygiene system, it is also good looking. Available in everything from gloss fuchsia to pastel blue, you can use it to transform not just the way you work but how your business looks.


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