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How Hygienic PVC Panels Are Soothing Brexit Fears

13 Feb 2019

Hygienic PVC panels are making the right impact on commercial kitchens at an especially challenging time. It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow but there’s not a lot of love in the food industry for the the Government’s stalling Brexit plans. Early this week food businesses warned a ‘No Deal’ Brexit would have a catastrophic impact on their futures. They have described the prospect as a potential ‘crisis’ and warn they do not have the manpower to engage with policies related to an unruly exit from the EU.

So how are hygienic PVC panels lifting the doom and gloom surrounding the UK’s Brexit drama? Quite simply, they are driving down costs at a time when food businesses need to be making savings. They achieve this by reducing the amount of time it takes to thoroughly clean a sensitive environment. Cheaper than traditional cladding alternatives, they are designed to perform in moisture-intense spaces and withstand impacts. Not only that, they are fire and flame resistant and an exceptional aid to compliance.

CleanClad hygienic PVC panels

The UK’s leading supplier of hygienic PVC panels is CleanClad. It says: “Businesses are increasingly frustrated with the lack of progress over Brexit. They need to know what is happening so they can prepare their operations for the undoubted challenges ahead. Saving money now is important, because it will help to absorb any additional costs that are incurred as a result of the UK leaving the EU.

“On the other hand, commercial kitchens have to comply with rigorous food safety regulations. This requires a high degree of hygiene in food processing areas. Our products deliver seamless total hygiene that raises standards and mitigates risks. We have worked hard to deliver a range that provides an exceptional hygiene solution while never overlooking the need for stunning aesthetics. Businesses are recognising the benefits of CleanClad. They see it as a way of getting ahead at a pivotal time in the country’s history.”

Buy hygienic PVC panels online

CleanClad operates a nationwide hygienic PVC sheet installation service for commercial kitchens and food processing businesses. It also sells its PVC cladding panels direct to customers who want to undertake installation work themselves. Its cladding products are easy to install and can be biconded to most surfaces with CleanClad high-grip adhesive.

Want to know how your business can be more efficient, save money and be compliant? Visit CleanClad to view the full product catalogue and learn more about the benefits of hygienic PVC panels.