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Has A Poor Hygiene Rating Forced You To Take Food Off The Menu?

7 Oct 2019

A social club has vowed never to serve food again after gaining just a 1 star food hygiene rating. The club was new to selling food and had introduced a menu to enable it to offer club members something different. Clearly, the poor rating knocked the confidence of the operators - forcing them to make a difficult business decision.


If your business has suffered a setback after a poor food safety rating, don’t be disheartened. That is the message from the UK’s leading independent brand of hygienic wall cladding. CleanClad says people should look at hygiene inspections as a way to move their businesses forward. “A poor inspection result can leave business owners feeling deflated and questioning their place in the sector," a spokesman said. "Instead, it should encourage them to aim for better standards and a bigger market share.”


Poor hygiene rating advice


If you have attracted a poor hygiene rating and want to make improvements, CleanClad can help. Its trusted range of food safe hygiene solutions can be used to improve cleanliness in both food preparation areas and storage spaces. Easy to keep totally clean and low maintenance, its hygienic wall cladding is helping brands big and small meet regulatory standards and remain compliant.


Attractive and simple to install, it can be used in serving areas as well as in commercial kitchens. If your business is looking for an economical wall to ceiling hygiene system, CleanClad is the right choice. With a semi or full gloss finish, it conceals hard-to-clean surfaces and ensures every square inch of a sensitive environment can be cleaned thoroughly and quickly. It is even available as ceiling cladding for 100 per cent peace of mind.


Put food back on the menu


CleanClad works with businesses of all sizes and provides completely free technical advice. It is the ideal partner for businesses struggling to overcome a poor hygiene rating. Don’t want to take food off the menu? Invest in the best wall cladding for hygienic surfaces and get your cleaning process off to a fresh start. Nationwide delivery and a free installation guide.


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