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Get Your Food Hygiene Right First Time

12 Dec 2018

Failing a food hygiene inspection, or receiving a lower rating than you attained previously, can a cost food businesses dear. From April 1 this year, local authorities have charged a fee to re-visit premises. The charge is around £168 and is required if you want to demonstrate you have taken action to remedy any shortcomings.

As well as having to carry out food hygiene improvements, you will have to pay for the privilege of being re-evaluated. However, if you want to give customers confidence in your hygiene standards, it is necessary to achieve a higher rating. If you think councils have slacked off because of austerity, you are wrong.

Food hygiene ratings and inspections

A spokesman for CleanClad, the UK’s favourite brand of hygienic wall cladding, said: “Food hygiene inspections are legally required in takeaways, restaurants and pubs. They are also mandatory in schools, hospitals and retailers. While standards are rising, there is a small hardcore of food premises still failing to comply with basic hygiene regulations.

“We always urge those in the catering sector to ensure they get their food hygiene right the first time. Having to spend money on a second inspection is a poor use of cash that could be invested in your business. Efforts are under way to compel businesses in England to display food hygiene ratings. The Food Standards Agency is working towards this. Businesses in Wales and Northern Ireland are already compelled to display their ratings.”

Improve your food hygiene rating

Ensure the surfaces in your business are hygienically clean with food grade PVC wall and ceiling cladding from CleanClad. Effortless to clean and highly durable, CleanClad products are both moitsure and impact resistant. Available to buy online, this brand of hygienic cladding solutions is stocked in a huge choice of finishes.

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