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Expensive Mistakes You Won’t Make With Plastic Wall Cladding

20 May 2019

Investing in plastic wall cladding could have saved a man his liberty and business. The courts recently jailed a restaurateur for running his own curry house. He had been banned from managing any food outlet after he was convicted of serious food hygiene offences. The business owner received the prohibition order for a string of breaches, including dirty kitchen surfaces. In addition, he was given a 23-week suspended jail term. However, he found himself back in the dock and sent to prison when he was spotted running the business within days of the original sentence.


According to CleanClad, the plastic wall cladding brand trusted by food businesses across the UK, stories like this are not uncommon. “Time and again, those running commercial kitchens don’t consider the consequences of failing to meet hygiene standards,” a spokesman said. “The cost of implementing rigorous hygiene protocols are negligible when compared to the penalties. This man would never have found himself on the wrong side of the law had he followed guidance and ensured his premises were hygienic.”


How to avoid expensive mistakes in commercial kitchens


A rise in the number of restaurant, takeaway and pub businesses being called out for poor hygiene standards has prompted CleanClad to launch a public awareness campaign. It aims to support businesses owners who are not sure how to make high risk environments compliant. As well as supplying and, if required, installing hygienic plastic wall cladding, the brand points out:


  • Hand washing is critical. Sufficient facilities must be available, unobstructed and staff actively encouraged to wash their hands between tasks.
  • Food must be stored correctly and labels updated in accordance with regulations.
  • Aprons and other protective clothing should be changed when moving from one part of a business to another.
  • Rigorous attention should be paid to procedures that prevent cross-contamination.


CleanClad’s products make keeping a high-risk environment hygienically clean straightforward. Its plastic wall cladding, which is fire and moisture resistant, seals out hard to clean areas. It delivers ultra smooth walls and ceilings that can be kept totally clean effortlessly. As well as making the cleaning process easier, its products improve efficiency in a business and drive up standards at the same time.


Where food businesses can buy plastic wall cladding


CleanClad is available to buy online. It is stocked in a wide range of aesthetically pleasing finishes and can be delivered to your door. As well as improving hygiene, plastic wall cladding can be used as an aid to interior design. It is recommended for commercial kitchens, butcher’s shops, abattoirs, hospitals, schools, and a wide range of other environments where cleanliness is everything.


Product Spotlight



Here's a great product if you want to sample the benefits of CleanClad®. 1.5mm White Hygienic Wall Cladding 2.4m x 1.2m panel. This premium plastic wall cladding is food safe and designed for preparation and storage areas. It costs just £22.09 per panel.