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Don’t Overlook the Paperwork in a Commercial Kitchen

12 Jul 2019

Commercial kitchens and paperwork is a hot topic. A tea room owner hit the headlines this week - after complaining about a one-star food hygiene rating. The business owner claimed the rating was unfair because, she felt, it was solely based on a failure to ‘tick boxes’. The woman was miffed that she was marked down for not ticking a box every time she mopped the floor.


However, environmental health inspectors were quick to point out that paperwork is not a cleaning checklist. They explained that documentation is a vital component for any food safety management system. It is required to enable food businesses to be able to clearly demonstrate what they are doing to protect the public.


Hygiene in a commercial kitchen


CleanClad, the leading brand of hygienic wall cladding, supports food business owners with hygienic surfaces that are so easy to clean they save kitchen staff time - giving them more opportunities to keep proper records. A spokesman said: "These days, commercial kitchen operators must keep accurate information about allergens, as well as effectively monitor the temperature of food and stock control. They must also prevent cross contamination, control pests and keep on top of cleaning and sanitisation. What they are doing to meet these requirements must be recorded.”


The company points out that the Safer Food, Better Business pack, available from the Food Standards Agency, makes everything crystal clear. “It is a really handy pack to have because it shows how food businesses need only fill in a single sheet a week to record important information. What’s more it can all be done on a computer,” added the spokesman.


How to make hygiene effortless


Hygienic wall cladding from CleanClad seals out hard-to-clean surfaces. It is easy to maintain and puts total hygiene at the heart of your business.