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Benefits of Pastel Colour Hygienic Wall Cladding

30 Jul 2019

Pastel colour hygienic wall cladding is practical and offers many benefits. As well as aiding compliance in high-risk environments, it can add a splash of colour to an otherwise sterile-looking space. CleanClad, the leading supplier of pastel wall cladding, explains why its customers love the range.


“Not all environments or businesses are suited to very plain or overly bold colour schemes,” said a spokesman. “For example, in a clinical setting, a paler shade of colour can lift the look of a space while promoting a sense of calm. Businesses looking for a hint of colour, but nothing over the top, find pastel shades an aid to branding as well as interior decor.”


Why buy pastel colour hygienic wall cladding?


CleanClad recommends pastel colour hygienic wall cladding to a wide range of businesses, operating across multiple sectors. It says pale yellow, green, blue and cream shades enhance the visual appeal of an environment without being to ‘in your face’. The spokesman said: “High-end restaurants, hospitals, therapy rooms, spas and hotels like this colour range because it is subtle and stylish. It makes cleaning easy while adding a hint of colour.”


Perfect for spaces behind counters in retail units, including butcher’s shops, the products in the range are designed to be low maintenance. They can be thoroughly cleaned quickly, speeding up the process of even deep cleans.


Buy pastel colour hygienic wall cladding online


CleanClad stocks a fantastic range of pastel colour hygienic wall cladding. Sheets simply bond to prepared walls. They can be used almost anywhere - even in the home - and help keep hygiene the number one priority without overlooking the need for an aesthetically pleasing finish. 


You can view the entire range here and learn more about installation and additional benefits.