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Allergens and Food Hygiene: How To Protect Your Customers


Food hygiene matters. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is to launch an awareness campaign later this year to help food businesses better protect customers with allergies. Following a number of avoidable deaths, the FSA is to implement measures to make food safer for everyone. A list of some of the measures appears later in this article.


If your food business has not been paying attention to the news, you need to listen up. Good food hygiene is pivotal when it comes to ensuring ingredients that pose an allergy risk do not end up in a meal they are not intended for. Using colour coded utensils and chopping boards, good storage practices and thorough cleaning will reduce the risks - but don’t forget your surfaces.


Food hygiene and allergens


Keeping allergens away from food that will be labelled as free of potential dangers is important. CleanClad, the UK’s leading independent brand of hygienic wall cladding, says some businesses are still not doing enough to reduce hazards. “Food businesses must ensure that all surfaces in food preparation and serving areas are easy to clean and maintained to hygienic standards. We make this possible with wall and ceiling cladding designed to ensure the cleaning process more efficient.


“It is vital that nuts and other allergy triggers do not end up in food it should not be in. Using separate areas and equipment will lower the risk but proper cleaning will add another layer of protection. Carrying out a two-stage clean is quick and easy with CleanClad - simply clean a surface with mild detergent, allow to dry and then spray with sanitiser. It is important not to wipe the surface dry but to allow it to dry in its own time.”


Measures being taken to protect people with allergies


The following measures are to be implemented by the FSA:


  • Clear and easy to follow information for enforcement officers (Environmental Health Officers and Trading Standards Officers) focused specifically on the action they should be taking in relation to food allergies
  • An urgent update of the highly-regarded ‘Safer Food Better Business’ guide, including a review of on the allergens information included
  • at the end of the year, launching of an awareness campaign to remind businesses and consumers about how to keep people with food allergies safe
  • The implementation of a pilot project to develop better reporting of allergic reactions


Find out more about CleanClad and how it can help your business keep all surface areas not just clean but totally clean.