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3 Ways Hygienic Cladding Helps In A Moisture Intense Environment

13 May 2019

If you have ever tried cleaning grout between tiles, you will know it can be a thankless task in a moisture intense environment. As well as time-consuming, it can involve the removal of mold, limescale and a whole host of other nasties. Enter hygienic cladding - the modern way to make surfaces in kitchens and other high-risk areas super-easy to clean.


With hygiene more important than ever in commercial, industrial and retail settings, getting your cleaning processes right is pivotal. Hygienic cladding can benefit a commercial kitchen or food processing business in a number of ways. Here are the top 3:


1. Seamless hygiene


Hygienic cladding delivers smooth surfaces throughout a moisture-intense environment. It means no hard-to-clean seams, awkward corners or cracks that can harbour germs. Instead, you can look forward to effortless cleaning that saves time while boosting hygiene standards.


2. Manufactured to withstand a wide range of temperatures


We all know it can get hot in a kitchen. Hygienic cladding can handle the heat. Unlike paint, it won’t peel or flake - just deliver all-round hygienic surfaces to make your life easier.


3. High visual impact hygiene solution


Getting the look of a moisture intense environment just how you want it can be hard. Hygienic cladding makes creating an inspirational space that is also hygienic easy. This versatile cladding system is available in a huge range of finishes to complement any setting. You can use it in staff-only areas and public-facing environments. Some businesses choose colour schemes designed to motivate or complement corporate branding.


Where to buy hygienic cladding for moisture intense environments


CleanClad is the UK’s number one brand of hygienic cladding. Its trademarked name is synonymous with hygiene solutions designed to deliver long-lasting solutions in high risk areas. It supplies food processing businesses, restaurants, retail businesses, cafes, takeaways, hospitals, leisure facilities and many, many more.

For a free brochure or to view the extensive range of cladding panels, profiles, trims and accessories, visit CleanClad.